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Adolf Wölfli – Creator of the Universe

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Concept: Terezie Zemánková
Selection of artwork material: Ivana Brádková, Terezie Zemánková
Authors of the texts: Manuel Anceau, Daniel Baumann, Eric Förster, Marie-Françoise Chanfrault-Duchet, Walter Morgenthaler, Andrew Shields, Elka Spoerri, Barbara Šafářová, Petr Šourek, Adolf Wölfli and Terezie Zemánková
Graphic design: Pavel Hájek a Marek Jodas

Year of publication: 2012
Number of pages: 372
Number of illustrations and supplements: 188
Format: 270 x 240 mm
Binding: V8
Printed by T. A. Print in Prague

Published by Arbor vitae, Řevnice in collaboration with the Civic Association ABCD
and the Adolf Wölfli Foundation at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern.

Price 40 Euro + Postage  21 Euro (Europe) / 23 USD(economic) – 43 USD (priority) - USA

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